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Ultimate Unarmed Gun Defenses
Volume 1: The Basics

Ultimate Unarmed Gun Defenses
Volume 1: Companion DVD

Ultimate Unarmed Gun Defenses
Volume 2: The Essentials

Ultimate Unarmed Gun Defenses
Volume 2: Companion DVD

Introduction to Gun Defenses DVD

Rubber Practice Gun

Gun Defense Package




Bust’em Up With: Reverse Kote


Bust’em Up With: Arm Bars




Bust’em Up With: Shiho Nage

Bust’em Up With: Kote Gaeshi

Bust’em Up With: Irimi Nage

Bust’em Up With: Kote Hineri

Bust'em Up With: Osae Dori



Ultimate Unarmed Gun Defenses Volume 3: Advanced Tactics

Ultimate Unarmed Knife Defenses

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Welcome to WeaponBusters.com

Imagine this:  You’re behind the wheel of your car, stopped in traffic.  Something catches your eye, and you look to your left to find the barrel of a gun pointed at your face through the driver’s door window.  “Get out of the car, mother f*****!!!  NOW!!!”

     Your mind starts to race.  Your first thought is one of disbelief and denial – this can’t be happening!  Then your training kicks in and you start thinking of a way out of this mess.  Your mind continues to race, and your chest feels like it’s going to explode from your heart pounding its way out.  Your brain races through its memory banks, searching for the kata or practice drill that may have prepared you for this, but guess what -  you come up empty, just like I would have 15 years ago.

      Thanks for visiting!   I’m Dr. Bob Laronga, founder of the site.  If you’re like me, you’ve put in your share of time kicking the heavy bag and punching the makawara.  You’ve come home with lumps and sprains from sparring, and you’ve had some pretty good workouts.  You can probably hold your ground in a fight, squaring off against an opponent.  But what if you are confronted with a different scenario, like a home invasion or a hostage situation?  When was the last time you turned on the evening news and heard about an UNARMED robbery?  Now be honest with yourself, and evaluate just how prepared you really are for such an attack.  The plain truth is that very few martial arts schools teach disarm techniques.  Of those that do, many teach techniques that will end up getting you killed, because the techniques are devoid of critical principles, leaving you little or no room for error.

     If you’re looking for that extra special something that you know is lacking in your training, then you’ve come to the right site.  At Weaponbusters.com, we offer proven, effective techniques, developed by Aikido and Jiu Jitsu masters.  Many of these techniques have been taught to U.S. Treasury agents and Federal Sky Marshals.  And here’s the best part – you don’t need any special strength, speed, or flexibility to execute these techniques.  They are designed for the average person, young or old, with no outstanding physical attributes.  How is this possible?  Simple – the techniques make use of important principles that are taught in our style.  These principles are used to control your opponent, use his own force against him, and maximize your leverage against him by attacking his joints and pressure points.  Imagine your attacker’s surprise when the tables are turned, and he suddenly finds himself flat on his back with a broken elbow and his own gun stuck in his face!

     Whenever I give my gun defense seminar, I am amazed to find 3rd and 4th degree - even as high as 6th degree - black belts in Karate and Tae Kwon Do, who are learning these techniques for the first time!  How ironic is it that after years of training, they are totally unprepared for the type of attack that they are most likely to face?

     Why should you study this stuff?  For the same reason you learned to “stop, drop, and roll” if you should catch fire, or to break through your car window if you drive into a lake, in case, God forbid, it happens to you.  The sad truth is that you are  far more  likely to be  attacked  with  a weapon than to catch fire or drive into a lake!  It’s bad enough to be attacked, but what a crime it would be if you lost your life because you didn’t know a simple tactic!

     Browse through this site, check out the brief demos, download your free gift, and purchase some of the books and DVDs so that you can start learning the “secret stash” of techniques that are rarely taught in traditional martial arts schools.  Be sure to leave your e-mail address so that we can keep you informed about new books and DVDs, as well as upcoming seminars.


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